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May 11, 2009


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I want to live in that treehouse!

That photographer is pretty sweet. You're going to have some awesome wedding photos.


jenny!!! those illustrations are amazing, you talented little pup! Have you seen courtney brooke's photos? I like her's alot as well.

J.B. Taylor

Are you going to the Integretron, by any chance? I've got some fun stories about that place. We love it there, and are taking another trip out to Joshua Tree in October for a sound bath, which is highly recommended. You'll feel so cosmic afterward!

elly jonez

i bought that trinie dalton book on sight, totally due to that astonishing cover. at family, actually. thanks family!

i really love the stories in that book, especially the one about burgertime, which made me do two things:

1. play burgertime online (you can too: http://www.1980-games.com/us/action-games/flash-games/burger-time.php)

2. buy m oldfield howey's "the cat in magic and myth" after she referenced it. hoping i could learn to turn myself into a cat using the spells mentioned. have yet to succeed.


ooooh! I'm glad you like our photos. Noa made us pretty. You guys are very lucky!

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